JULY 19-20, 2018


Mastermind Discussions

At AnarchaPortugal, we’re focused in gathering the most radical freethinkers to share not only ideas on building regenerative ecosystems and communities across various verticals, but personal stories of how they stepped outside of the matrix and broke through conditioning to pave a new path. With this extensive knowledge sharing, people who are present can take not only great ideas, but also how to build tangible applications into their life and work after the gathering.

The two-day event features talks, panels and emergent bottom up exchanges that draw on the collective intelligence of participants. Conversations range in topic from the truth about anarchy, the blockchain revolution, the future of cryptocurrency, unschooling, borderless citizenry and micronation development, the tantric approach to sex and relationships, permaculture and regenerative design, shifting to circular economies and triple bottom lines in business, personal sovereignty and data ownership, and much, much more.

Workshops, Wellness & Art

AnarchaPortugal is more than just a one way conversation, and ideas are wonderful, but practices and applications for expansion are even better. Our speakers, panelists and thought leaders share their experience and advice in smaller community settings for more one on one time to share tips and advice, as well as answer more specific questions. Workshops range from fostering deeper connections in interpersonal relationships, to explorations of the dark web, to securing your identity and cryptocurrency to compassionate parenting, and further offerings.

Conferences and events may offer incredible networking and personal development opportunities but they can also be taxing on the nervous system and energy levels. That’s why we’ve crafted a 2,300 sq. m. restorative zone on the Douro riverside just outside the event featuring the Blockchain Bodyworkers™ massage and sound healing canopy, a meditation and relaxation area with couches, bean bags and shade, art installations and fingerpainting, and an open mic area with poetry readings, gentle acoustic music and open sharing. Here, you can take some quiet space, create, reflect and integrate, before heading to the next event.

After Hours Events

We can only imagine the amazing variety of moves with such an incredible eclectic gathering of free thinkers and shakers – that shaking is sure to extend onto the dance floor! AnarchaPortugal brings the funk and the local flavor of Portugal to three after hour events in the evenings July 19 & 20. Unplug while networking and see what connections spark in a different environment with some of the most beautifully talented, and conscious musicians who are expressing this movement in sound, and the masters of dance revolution – Decentralized Dance Party.

July 19: Oceano

Private Beach Party 11pm – 3am

Grab a beverage and unwind with the moon overhead and the sound of the waves at our own private beach at Praia da Luz. DJ Ashua casts a spell of delicious melodic spins that fold and unfold, weaving vibrations beyond words and time. Dance with your toes in the sand and let loose the day.

July 19 & 20 : Decentralized Dance Parties

Decentralized Dance Party is an Open-Source Party concept has united hundreds of thousands worldwide in revolutionary acts of shared experience. The movement’s founding fathers are Tom and Gary, two lifelong friends who hail from The Future. For the past eight years, they’ve been leading The Party Revolution which has gained international fame, and notoriety – in part, for being stopped by airline security for being in possession of too many banana suits.

The goal of DDP is to further the frontiers of Partying, bring joy to millions of people and ensure that Partying is respected, legitimized, and forever enshrined as a cultural institution of paramount importance. The movement has the power to unlock humanity’s full potential and catalyze a magnificent new era that will maximize freedom, creation and loving connection. DDP brings their inspiring moves, energy and the movement’s free spirit to AnarchaPortugal. Together, we will crush the despotic Party paradigms of yore, and launch a new era of free and democratic Open-Source Partying. Everyone Is invited and be sure to bring any spare FM radios to unite in funk and freedom.


Melissa Richelle

Crypto Comedian

Melissa is a Chicago-based stand-up comic whose sets deal with dating and relationships, being a female, race, and her ridiculous life since her boyfriend introduced her to crypto. Her sprinkled in vulgarity is just enough to let you know although she is very sweet, she is also hella fun.

She has opened for Loni Love, Godfrey, Brent Morin, Jason Collings and performed at The Improv, Zanies, Jokes and Notes, and other clubs around the Midwest. Melissa was the first female to win Snubfest and has been a part of The Burbank Comedy Festival, and headlined the Chicago Women’s Funny Festival. Find out more at


Ashua is a Lisbon based DJ & Producer of some 20 Years standing, having played in locations such as the UK, Australia, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore and Portugal. Ashua was lucky enough to see and be
influenced by some of the Worlds Best DJ’s as a regular at the Electronic Music Clubs in the UK from Mid 1990’s onwards, after which he became a global citizen.

Ashua plays and is inspired by Deep House, Techno, Nudisco, Dubstep, Bass, Ambient and Hip-Hop. A Burning Man veteran, Ashua also played at this years Anarchapulco event.

DJ Ashua

Luis Tamanih

Luis Tamani is a Peruvian artist from the Amazonian rainforest. Born in 1983, he grew up on the banks of the Ucayali River, in Pucallpa. His imagination was nourished by the richness of the bioregion; he was surrounded by all the elements offered by the Earth.

He studied in the art school of his native city, Eduardo Meza Saravia. During five years he received a very academic training. At the end of this cycle, he used to practice Abstract Art, making the fusion between texture and shape.

This is when he got connected to the Sacred Medicine of his ancestors that he starts painting his own visions, in a very magical way. Today, his art represents the communion between man, plant and animal kingdoms. He is amazed by the deep relationship that man can develop with plants and animals; what makes the Human a unique being, full of magical capacities.

Luis Tamani started by showing his artworks during the shamanic meetings of the city of Iquitos (Loreto, Peru). After having presented his art across Europe, he is now open to the whole world for sharing his visions of Life.

Ruysen Flores Venancino is from the Ucayali region of Peru, located in the Amazon rainforest. His artwork is created by using the visions he receives while on ayahuasca, a psychedelic brew derived from certain vines and leaves grown in the Amazon.

The journey while on ayahuasca offers the most profound psychedelic experience one can receive, and Shamans in the Amazon refer to it as “breaking open the head.” All of this is evident in Ruysen Flores Venancino’s art, which is influenced by his life experiences in the Peruvian rainforest.

Ruysen Flores Venancino

Jenny Guan

As a co-founder of Indisputable Labs & Coral Protocol, she is creating all facets of design within our blockchain R&D laboratory, from brand identity to app design to user experiences.
As part of the design faculty at California College of the Arts, she creates through teaching visual communication and digital fabrication to the next generation of designers, makers, and artists.

As an architect with a decade-plus of experience, she’s had a hand in creating a diverse variety of sustainable environments and buildings. Her portfolio of architectural work includes leading the interior coordination for the complex and groundbreaking Dolby Cinema in San Francisco and serving as project architect for an innovative prefabricated modular mixed-use development in Oakland.

And as an artist, she creates drawings and objects that fuse together her interests in electronics, robotics, geology, anatomy, and cryptography.

Her interdisciplinary experience spans a wide range of professions, mediums, and scales, but all tied together by one common thread – she creates things that make people happy.